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Healing With Your Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Advice for Healing With Your Heart:Healing Heart

*Honor the wisdom and genius within – the Healing power is innately within you – Trust the power and trust your body to know how to do the right thing

*Empower yourself and others with this philosophy – The power to heal yourself is everyone’s birthright – Every living being possesses this ability

*Care for your body with whole food and natural healing therapies to allow the wisdom and genius to express to its fullest – Acknowledge yourself as the healer

*Reinforce every day that only you are responsible for your life experience – Emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.

*Thoughts are things – Believe and trust in your own body – Look in the mirror and tell yourself: I Love You

(Adapted from my own mentor, Dr. Patti Giuliano)

If you ever feel you need help with the direction of your health, the door is always open.

Guest Lecturer at UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell Alumni

Yesterday, I was invited to be a guest lecturer for two classes at UMass Lowell. Being an alumni of UMass Lowell with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, I was honored to be able to share my experience and career decisions with the students.

Some of the things I shared with them included my personal experience with chiropractic, which motivated me to spend 8 years of school training to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. The other reason I love being a chiropractor is that it is a 100% natural healing therapy. There are no drugs, medications, surgeries, or injections involved.

I also explained to them that people will often visit a chiropractor because of pain but once they are under regular care, they notice other changes in their health, like improved sleep, more energy, better digestion, easier breathing, etc.

We also talked about what it’s like starting up your own practice and how great it is to be a business owner and be connected within your community. I explained to them that there other things you can do as a chiropractor, such as work with animals, athletes (recreational and Olympic-level), kids, or in Veterans Affairs Hospitals.

It was a true honor to be invited back to the campus that provided me with solid stepping stones and a wonderful education!

“Give Where You Live”

Shine On!

Dr. Abbey Denaro

Community Appreciation Days!

Community Appreciation

In spirit of the Holiday season, Monday, December 9th – Wednesday, December 11th are Community Appreciation Days! Come on over to Denaro Chiropractic for holiday treats and hot cocoa.

If you know someone who could benefit from Chiropractic care, new patients will receive 20% off from December 9 – December 11. They can call us at 978-664-1500 or schedule online. Current patients receive $5 off when they Like Us on Facebook!

Holiday Season Stress Busters!

Holiday Stress

Stress Buster Tips

Do you feel stressed around the holidays? It’s no coincidence that flu/cold season is the same time as the holidays. Whether you are experiencing:

-Physical stress (raking, shoveling, poor posture, etc.),

-Emotional stress (financial worry, in-laws, deadlines, etc.) or

-Chemical stress (eating more sweets, drinking more alcohol, etc.),

your body is weakened by it. Any of these types of stress impact the immune system, nervous system, digestive system, spine, and muscles.

There may be very little you can change in your life and routine to minimize these stressors but you can certainly change the way your body reacts to them. Here are some helpful tips for managing stress: 

Grand Opening and Family Fun Day!

Chamber of commerce, Reading, North Reading, Buy Local

North Reading, MA – Denaro Chiropractic, which opened its doors in May 2013, announces its Grand Opening! Dr. Abbey Denaro is inviting the community to join her in celebrating the grand opening on Saturday, October 26th from 1-4 pm at 286 Park St, North Reading. The ribbon cutting ceremony will begin at 1:00 followed by free chiropractic screenings and festivities, including Halloween themed games, complementary food and beverages, and raffles sponsored by The Horseshoe, Lumina Salon, Play It Again Sports, and many more. As part of the Grand Opening, Denaro Chiropractic will be donating 50% of new patient proceeds to the North Reading Athletic Boosters.

Happy Birthday, Chiropractic!

Chiropractic North Reading

September 18, 1895:
Dr. DD Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment to Harvey Lillard (a man who was completely deaf). While checking Mr. Lillard’s spine, he felt that one of the spinal vertebrae was slightly out of its normal position. Because he had been studying the connection between the spine and the central nervous system, he knew that Harvey’s spine needed to be corrected. Dr. Palmer gently adjusted the vertebra back into its normal position. At that moment, Harvey Lillard’s hearing was restored.
Sound like hocus pocus? That’s what most people thought in 1895.
With advancements in research and knowledge of the human body, we know that spinal misalignments (no matter how slight or severe) can have an effect on the central nervous system.

While bone-setting dates back to early Greece and Egypt, we are celebrating the 118th anniversary of the first chiropractic adjustment.  DD Palmer and his son BJ Palmer formed and developed the chiropractic profession based on the science of the spine and nervous system, the art of adjusting, and the philosophy of the body’s natural ability to heal from the inside.

Protect Your Child From Chronic Pain

Protect Your Child From Chronic Pain

The last time in history that so many children had back and neck problems was over 100 years ago, before there were child labor laws. According to Dutch researchers and surgeons, “children ages 8-18 are receiving care for back problems previously only seen in hardworking adults over 50 years old”. Dr. Soeterbroek reports that “it makes no difference to the body whether you’re hunched over in a cigar factory or spending eight hours over an iPad”. The article also confirmed that “attention to posture has almost disappeared the world over. It’s becoming accepted as normal that children and teenagers have poor posture”.

factory workerspoor posture texting

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Most women are under the impression that pregnancy is a nine-month time frame dedicated to sacrificing your body in order to give new life. Of course it is true that, in the end, those nine months will certainly be worth the pain – but what if you could spend that time enjoying your life and embracing the experience of life within you, rather than wishing the time away?

One of the most common complaints of pregnant women is back pain, which is caused by the dramatic change in posture, weight distribution, and center of gravity. As the baby grows and places demands on the mother’s body, ligaments begin to play a large role in the symptoms of pain. These ligaments connect the uterus to the spine, as seen in the picture. Three different situations occur here: