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Holiday Season Stress Busters!

Holiday Stress

Stress Buster Tips

Do you feel stressed around the holidays? It’s no coincidence that flu/cold season is the same time as the holidays. Whether you are experiencing:

-Physical stress (raking, shoveling, poor posture, etc.),

-Emotional stress (financial worry, in-laws, deadlines, etc.) or

-Chemical stress (eating more sweets, drinking more alcohol, etc.),

your body is weakened by it. Any of these types of stress impact the immune system, nervous system, digestive system, spine, and muscles.

There may be very little you can change in your life and routine to minimize these stressors but you can certainly change the way your body reacts to them. Here are some helpful tips for managing stress: 

Get Straight A’s: Avocados are a great source of B vitamins, potassium, and healthy fats, which are all linked to improving health and mood. Asparagus helps increase the amount of serotonin in the body, which improves mood and better sleep. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that is linked to decreasing stress, boosting the immune system, and increasing rejuvenation. Affirmations are an easy way to become more mindful throughout your busy day. By repeating positive affirmations, you instill healthy, positive habits into your life. Examples include: “I release each and every struggle”, “I have time for everything I need to do today”, “I bring Peace into moments of chaos”, etc.

Boost your nutrition: The best recommendation is to consume at least 7 servings of dark leafy greens, berries, and other fruits and vegetables everyday. Just taking a multi-vitamin doesn’t make up for all the nutrients and antioxidants found in whole foods. Finding a whole food supplement, like GreensFirst, is an easy and effective alternative. This particular powder consists of 15 servings of fruits and vegetables, fiber, probiotics, and other herbs like licorice root and milk thistle, which help calm nerves and boost the immune system. (Denaro Chiropractic keeps a stock of this product. Send us an email if you’re interested!)

Valerian: This herb can be taken right before bed to improve your quality of sleep. The body recovers and heals the most while we are in deep sleep. Studies have found that 600 mg valerian taken thirty minutes before bedtime was just as effective a remedy for insomnia as a commonly prescribed drug.

Exercise: Studies have shown over and over again that regular exercise is just as effective for improving mood, heart health, and reducing stress as most medications. The important part is not to stress about starting an exercise routine. Go at your own pace – just keep moving!

Take a direct and natural approach to improving your health: One of the ways the body copes with stress is storing it in the spinal joints and the muscles that support the spine. Studies show that Chiropractic care is the most effective and most common natural approach to relieving this tension. Chiropractic adjustments also improve the functioning of the nervous system and immune system by decreasing stress and inflammation in the body.  Pain and tension is a way of your body telling you something isn’t right. It’s important to pay attention to your body’s signals and address the cause.

Take advantage of Denaro Chiropractic’s Community Appreciation Days. On December 9th, 10th, and 11th, we are offering a 20% discount for all new patients. Schedule an appointment to kick start your holiday season with better health! Join us for holiday cheer and treats and vote for our Holiday Window Display to benefit the Red Cross Disaster Relief.

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