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Sore From Shoveling

Sore from Shoveling

With almost two feet of snow on the ground in North Reading, there was a lot of shoveling to be done these past couple of days! Unfortunately, that also means a lot of aching backs.

Here are some tips for how to relieve your post-shoveling pains:


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Although you want to just come in from the cold and sit by the fire with some hot cocoa, do some stretches first! Focus on stretching your back and neck, shoulders, and legs. For stretching videos, click here.

Stay Hydrated:

Be sure to drink plenty of pure water before, during, and after shoveling. When our bodies become dehydrated, it can lead to muscles fatiguing early and becoming even more sore later.


Ice is helpful for removing inflammation right after injuring your muscles. Heat is helpful for relaxing tight muscles. So go ahead and do both! Apply ice for 15 minutes and then immediately replace it with a hot pack for 15 minutes. You can do this repeatedly throughout the day.

Herbal Healing Salve:

Herbs like arnica, comfrey, and calendula are beneficial for relieving sore muscles. We carry handmade, all natural healing salves at Denaro Chiropractic.


Take breaks while you are shoveling to do some stretches and drink water. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is important too because our bodies heal the most while we are asleep.  

Have fun!:

No one really likes to be outside in the frigid cold with a shovel, but channel your inner kid to make it a little more enjoyable! Go ahead and start a snowball fight, make a snowman, or climb atop the mountain of snow!

Appreciate the beauty of nature and the fact that you have a warm house to go back into.

Treat your back well:

I don’t like going to a doctor’s office as much as anyone else. That’s why at Denaro Chiropractic, there’s no waiting to see the doctor or difficulty making appointments. We address your pain through a whole body approach and correct the cause of the pain, rather than covering it up. No medications or invasive interventions; just results! 

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