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  • What is an adjustment?

    The chiropractic adjustment is the treatment used at Denaro Chiropractic. Any joint in the body can be adjusted and chiropractors focus on spinal joints. An adjustment is a specific, gentle, and safe force applied to the joint.

    What is the popping noise?

    That “popping” noise is called a cavitation and is the release of gas from within the joint. The joints of the spine are called synovial joints and they produce a fluid called synovial fluid. This purpose of this fluid is to nourish and lubricate the joint. When a joint is adjusted, the gas is released and you hear the “popping” sound, which is a similar mechanism to why gas bubbles are released when you pop open a champagne bottle. Once the joint is opened up, the synovial fluids re-lubricate the joint surfaces and normal motion is restored.

    Your joints can be adjusted without hearing this sound. In fact, the “pop” is in not an indication of a good or bad adjustment. There are many chiropractic techniques, in which you will not hear that sound.

    How long will I have to keep coming?

    The number of adjustments that you require to reach your goals will be determined once you and Dr. Denaro talk about your health and complete the exam. The number of prescribed visits depends greatly on your health status. Once you have completed the initial plan of care, you can choose to continue care to prevent your problem from occurring again.

  • Do I have to keep coming even if I feel better?

    Just like your medical doctor recommends that you keep taking your antibiotics even after you feel better, chiropractors know that your condition will relapse if you don’t complete the prescribed number of adjustments. Your body has adapted to a certain pattern, alignment, and posture and it will take more than one adjustment to fix it all.

    How will I be adjusted if I am pregnant?

    For our pregnant patients, we have a special table that allows you to lie face down comfortably. Adjustments are tailored to each individual patient depending on symptoms and conditions, status of pregnancy and other variables.

    At what age can children be adjusted?

    Many parents choose to have their children’s spines checked and adjusted, if necessary, on the day they are born. It is very safe and helpful for infants, toddlers, and older children to be adjusted. To learn more about why and how children are adjusted, please follow this link.

    Does my insurance cover chiropractic?

    At Denaro Chiropractic, we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mass General Brigham (previously AllWays), Unicare/GIC, Tufts, and Medicare. Although we are contracted with these companies, we do not guarantee that chiropractic care is included in your individual plan. We are happy to check for you as long as you bring your insurance card to your appointment.

    If you know chiropractic is not included in your plan or if you have a different insurance carrier, Denaro Chiropractic has affordable rates to ensure that finances are never an issue.

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