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Osteoarthritis and Chiropractic Care

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteoarthritis is also called Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). This disease is one of the most common reasons why people seek out chiropractic care. It affects more than 20 million Americans and is more commonly found in women.

“Although the majority of patients with OA are 65 and older, recent research shows that osteoarthritis is not a by-product of aging. Family history of OA, being overweight, lack of exercise, and prior joint injuries are suggested as OA risk factors.” (

Osteoarthritis can be a preventable condition by staying fit and keeping your spine healthy and flexible with regular Chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic treatment is one the most recommended and researched methods to stop OA in its tracks and prevent it from getting worse. Chiropractic is also used to prevent other parts of the spine from being affected. The best time to begin chiropractic care is before osteoarthritis sets in.

Chiropractic care is a safe, effective, non-invasive and pain free method of managing osteoarthritis. For more information about arthritis/degenerative joint disease, please contact us at 978-664-1500. We are located at 350 Park St. in North Reading, MA. Communities we serve Chiropractic Care to include Andover, Reading, Wilmington, Stoneham, Woburn, Lynnfield, and Tewksbury.

Scoliosis & Chiropractic

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine.

When we look from the side-view of a healthy spine, there are 4 normal curvatures. A lordosis of the neck, kyphosis of the midback, lordosis of the lumbar spine, and kyphosis of the sacrum (tailbone area). When we look from front to back of the healthy spine, we should see a straight line.

If we see a curvature when we look from the front to back of the spine, this is called scoliosis.

Normal Spine versus Scoliosis

The most common type of scoliosis begins in adolescence. The causes may include poor posture habits, spinal injuries from sports or accidents, muscle spasms along the spine, and genetics.

The treatment of scoliosis depends of the severity of the curvature. Most mild-moderate levels of scoliosis are treated with chiropractic care, strengthening exercises and stretches to correct the curvature.

The best time to begin chiropractic care for scoliosis is before the patient ends puberty. During this timeframe, the patient’s spine is still growing and developing, which allows the chiropractor to make the necessary corrections to the spine and muscles.

If scoliosis is detected in adulthood, the goal of chiropractic treatment is prevent the scoliosis from progressing and becoming more severe. The risks of untreated scoliosis include early onset of arthritis, degenerative disc disease, poor posture, severe muscle imbalances, and chronic pain.

For more information about Scoliosis, please contact Denaro Chiropractic at 978-664-1500. We are located at 350 Park St. in North Reading, MA. Communities we serve Chiropractic Care to include Andover, Reading, Wilmington, Stoneham, Woburn, Lynnfield, and Tewksbury.

How To Get Lucky With Your Health

How to get lucky with your health! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you know that you create your own luck?

These are 4 strategies to give your health a boost and have luck flow into your life freely and effortlessly.



Being an optimist with your health means not giving up on your body. Remember, only YOU can control your health. The food you eat, the thoughts you think, the actions (or lack of actions) you take all impact your health. When you notice something changing in your body, don’t get upset with it. Recognize it and thank your body for giving you the signals now, while you have the chance to change it and improve it.


Anxiety and worry are enemies of luck. They introduce a factor that says “Whoa there! Hold back now!” You won’t be stumbling across luck while you are too busy getting caught up in your thoughts. When we are exposed to stress, no matter how big or small it may be, our body’s only response is to tighten up. Releasing your fears and worries may be easier said than done but there are steps you can take, such as committing to a meditation practice, exercising more, and surrounding yourself with loving and supportive people. Remember, your chiropractor is always here for you too!

Grand Opening and Family Fun Day!

Chamber of commerce, Reading, North Reading, Buy Local

North Reading, MA – Denaro Chiropractic, which opened its doors in May 2013, announces its Grand Opening! Dr. Abbey Denaro is inviting the community to join her in celebrating the grand opening on Saturday, October 26th from 1-4 pm at 286 Park St, North Reading. The ribbon cutting ceremony will begin at 1:00 followed by free chiropractic screenings and festivities, including Halloween themed games, complementary food and beverages, and raffles sponsored by The Horseshoe, Lumina Salon, Play It Again Sports, and many more. As part of the Grand Opening, Denaro Chiropractic will be donating 50% of new patient proceeds to the North Reading Athletic Boosters.

Chiropractic and Mental Health

The Chiropractic adjustment can have profound effects on quality of life by improving the function of all body systems. Knowing this, shouldn’t every person be allowed access to chiropractic care regardless of symptoms, age, and culture?

Besides the growing body of Chiropractic research, there are two significant reports from the 1930s, which exhibit the need for Chiropractic care for everyone, including those with varying levels of mental health. This summary of the reports is meant to enlighten readers about the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments for nerve system health, not just pain symptoms.

In the 1930’s, one group of Chiropractors spent fifteen months at the Kentucky Houses of Reform (a Correctional facility)[1], while the other report is from the Forest Park Davenport Clinic (a Chiropractic Psychiatric Hospital)[2].

But I Go To The Gym…

If you are a gym-goer, does that mean you are immune from illness and injuries? If you asked me this question even three years ago, I would say – YES! Exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself. I believed this so much that I became a personal trainer and made sure that people in my community were exercising.

However, while I was spending so much time working in different gyms, I started to question this. How come so many of the “regulars” still get sick and complain of pain?

Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Why would a child need to see a chiropractor? Children are healthy and should not have any pain, right? Children do not have years of bad posture. They do not have stress from a ten-hour workday that gives them tension headaches, as do some adults. While all this is true, children are exposed to much worse traumas than we typically think. Even if it is a natural birth (meaning without a c-section), the doctor uses the baby’s delicate head and neck as leverage to deliver the baby.

Johns Hopkins Hospital did a study to measure the amount of force required to deliver a baby naturally. They found that depending on the technique that was used, the force ranged from 6.5 – 16 pounds. In the presence of a difficult delivery, the doctor may be required to use a vacuum or forceps, which attach to the baby’s head and pull the newborn out of the birth canal using up to 140-pounds of force. If that much extra force is necessary in a natural birth, imagine what is required during a c-section, when the ability of the mother to contribute to the pushing is eliminated.

Denaro Chiropractic Hosts Community Health and Wellness Expo

Denaro Chiropractic Hosts Community Health and Wellness Expo

Denaro Chiropractic, of North Reading, MA, along with 12 other health and wellness practitioners in the Greater Boston area held the first annual Community Health and Wellness Expo in Woburn yesterday.  At Denaro Chiropractic, we feel this expo is important for the community to learn about healthy options for themselves and their families.  We are always working on team building between health professionals so Denaro Chiropractic can provide our patients with the best care possible.


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Chiropractic Techniques For Better Health

Chiropractic Techniques For Better Health

Chiropractic techniques vary for the patient’s benefits. If you have ever searched for a new chiropractor, you may have noticed that not all chiropractic doctors are alike. In fact, we have a wide array of techniques to choose from, all with the same end-goal in mind – getting the patient well by removing interference to the nerves, allowing the muscles to balance out, and restore proper biomechanics, so that the body can function, heal, and perform the way it was meant to. Each of the following Chiropractic techniques allow for that treatment.

What Is Chiropractic?

What Is Chiropractic?

Your body is self-healing. Throughout life, we experience traumas (both small and large) and are exposed to stress and pollutants. These things make it hard for our bodies to heal and cause spinal subluxations. Chiropractors are trained to examine your spine, detect subluxations, and correct them. This allows your nerves to work better with your brain and restores muscle balance. At Denaro Chiropractic, we deliver safe, gentle and effective care for the whole family.

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